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Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer can seem daunting. They can be expensive, arrogant, or unpleasant. Normally when someone is looking to hire a lawyer it is because something in their life is bothering them. The number one question I get asked is should I hire a lawyer to help me? The answer is it depends. As long as your reason for hiring a lawyer is not one listed in my previous blog post, "Why Shouldn't I Hire a Lawyer?" here are somethings to keep in mind.

  • Education- To become a lawyer in Illinois you have to have a bachelor's degree, a law degree, and pass the bar exam.

  • Complexity of Issue- is your issue something you understand and are just looking for guidance, or is it something very complicated that you need an expert to take over most of the leg work.

  • Your time- instead of spending countless hours, preparing for your day in court, organizing files, talking to other parties, going to court, a lawyer can use their time, experience, and education, to do it for you.

  • Cost- a lawyer can seem expensive, but sometimes a lawyer can actually save you money in the long run.

  • Peace of mind- the internet may seem like it has all the answers, but mixed in with all the good information there is a lot of bad information as well.


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